Meet the CEO

Who Am I?

My name is Brooke and I am the proud owner & founder of Sociallybrooke where I specialize in Social Media Marketing. I started my business in November 2021 during the pandemic. 

I love bringing my visions and creativity into a page of someone else’s passions, helping them grow both socially and organically – and Social Media is a great way to do just that!

A little back story on how I got to where I am today, I went to University for Sociology and then decided that was not my forever career. I finished my undergrad and went on to do my post-grad in marketing management. After completing that degree, it was mid pandemic and I wanted to go into event marketing but that was not a thing… I then decided I needed to take my future into my own hands and bring my dreams to reality.


So, my baby was born, Sociallybrooke. 

Sociallybrooke focuses on small and medium-sized businesses expanding their social growth by expediting social media platforms to their fullest potential.

Are You Looking To Socially Grow Your Business?

We offer services in social media management, engagement services, branding & marketing strategies. Drop us a message or book an appointment today to get started!

Why Choose Me?

If having ‘Social’ in our name isn’t convincing enough, here are some more reasons why you should get Social with Brooke.

With a “Creativity First” mindset we are always coming up with ideas that align with your brand and social presence. 

Keeping our finger on the pulse is something we LOVE. We are passionate about staying up to date on all trends, and find ways for your brand to utilize them. Wether it is bad and boujee or fresh, you know we know no cap.

We don’t just give your brand a voice, we make it loud and proud! When it comes to your social presence we make sure your engagement is with purpose and stands out from the rest.

“Small but mighty” doesn’t do us justice. Being small but fierce allows you to have a more personal experience with a fierce hunger to grow your social presence. With our intimate approach we are able to learn more about you and your business to deliver your brand the social voice it deserves.