2022 Instagram Updates and Trends

Looking for the 2022 Instagram trends you MUST keep up with? Read below

Like Stories

See an Instagram story you like and want to send it some love? Now you can! Instagram has introduced a new feature allowing you to like stories. Instead of displaying in the DM’s like the previous reaction feature, the new like feature will show who’s liked your story in the viewer sheet. 

Reels on Facebook

Starting February 22nd, Instagram is now launching reels globally on Facebook. For Instagram creators, this is a great way to increase your reach. Additionally, Instagram will be rolling out additional editing features on Facebook for reels for Facebook creators. This is a step in Instagrams shifting focus to short form video. 

Creator Affiliate Program

The newest initiative by Instagram to help creators make money off their accounts is the creator affiliate program. With this new feature, creators will be able to earn commission off any sales driven from their feed or story content where they are featuring a brand or service. Additionally, Instagram will be expanding who can use the creator shop feature. This feature allows for influencers and creators to curate their brand collabs or products they recommend in a shop whilst earning commission of sales. 

Video Memes

Instagram has proven already that they are shifting more towards emphasizing the short form video format. With this, video memes will rise in popularity. Video memes are also a very favorable way to gain reach. Not only do regular memes perform well on Instagram, but the dynamic nature of videos allows for them to be more engaging. 

Activism and Social Justice Movements

As more consumers seek out brands and creators that align with their morals and values, the rise of activism on Instagram will be significant. Creating content that addresses current social events or takes a stance on a global issue will become the norm for most accounts. Consumers also appreciate authenticity when brands speak out on issues, so collaborating with creators who have a niche in a certain topic may become a popular choice for brand accounts.