Scheduling Apps

Social media managers around the world have been able to get the challenge of building brand awareness via social media down to a science. The secret ingredient? Scheduling apps. 

There is a lot to worry about by being a social media manager. You have to worry about content creation, publishing the content, analytics, reports, and more.  This is where scheduling app’s come in. These tools allow the focus to shift from stressing over posting dates and times to focusing on creating amazing content. Scheduling apps allow us managers to automate social media posts, analyze how successful the post was, and better control the content that goes out. Suddenly our 10-hour workday gets just a bit shorter, and we can put more time towards other things our clients may need. 

Scheduling apps are as essential as oxygen when it comes to being a successful social media manager. Now the question is, which one do I use?

Below I have compiled a small list of the top-rated social media scheduling tools- all varying in recourses offered and prices.

Hootsuite is possibly one of the biggest social media management tools out there, currently being used by over 18 million people- and for a good reason. Hootsuite allows you to curate and schedule content, place social media ads, measure your ROI, and much more. You can also monitor multiple accounts at once, connect over 30 social media platforms and bulk-schedule posts. 

Planoly is easily one of the most underrated scheduling apps, in my opinion. With Planoly, you can plan and schedule content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you run a business, you can sell your product through Planoly, and suddenly every social media page can be your storefront. An added plus to Planoly that not other scheduling apps have is that they’ve partnered with Instagram and Pinterest, so there’s no risk in using them. 

Buffer is a well-trusted brand that’s currently being used by over 75,000 businesses. Through Buffer, you can publish, engage, analyze, and start teams. You can also plan hashtags, stories, tag locations and users, and get questions from experts regarding your social media strategy.

Sprout Social is very similar to Hootsuite in the sense that it combines several social media tools into one platform. One thing that’s particularly unique about Sprout Social is that it offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features. Another thing that gives Sprout Social a lot of praise is its in-depth and well-organized reports that are available to its users.

My personal favourites are Planoly and Hootsuite, however, at the end of the day, you have to choose whichever is best suited for your own needs!

Take your time, pick whatever will serve you the best, and happy scheduling!

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