4 Tips That Will Seriously Improve Your Social Media Quickly

Social media is one of those things that we all have but aren’t entirely sure how to fully use but, especially in this world we live in now, it is one of the biggest marketing platforms. Therefore, this is why you need to make sure your business/company Instagram page is on it’s A game.  *AHEEEM* This is your sign to hire a Social Media Manager *AHEEM* We offer Social Media Management *JUST SAYING*

OKAY, I want to give you some tips & tricks on how to transition your brand and social media to make sure you are WINNING in comparison to your competitors.

In today’s fast paced world where nearly every other person you meet is short on time, the importance and advantage of this feature of social media cannot be denied.

So, let’s start with the basics, these 4 tips should be embedded in your head everything you open Instagram as a business!

This is so important because we always see people with 125k followers but then their engagement is terrible. No comments, barely any likes etc. 125K is only cool if you have 300+ comments on each post, over 3k likes on each post because that means it’s organic!

Also, you want people to follow you who CARE about what you are posting, who get excited when you post and interact with your page as much as possible. SPAM followers are so yesterday and in 2021 we only want organic followers. So, whether that’s 300 organic followers I will take that over 4000 fake ones.

REMEMBER, organic followers bring in sales, spam followers bring us nothing but just a number.

Engagement kind of ties into organic followers because with organic followers comes engagement. BUT, take this little life hack with you next time you go post on Instagram and watch your insights SKY rocket. 

20 minutes before & after each post go through your  following  page and connect with people through liking, commenting, stories, hashtags, DM’s. 

After, react to stories, share other business owners posts that fall into the same category as you, make friendships & most importantly HAVE FUN. Don’t dread your Instagram page, make it a space that you love and get excited about.

CONSISTENCY SIS.  Consistency with posting, fonts, colour palettes, stories, time of posts etc, the list can go on. 

  • Have 3-4 fonts you constantly use on your page and posts. 
  • Post at least 1-3 stories a day. (Interactive stories are SO IMPORTANT)
  • And, have a designated colour palette for your brand & Instagram page. Stick to it 
  • Also, be consistent with the time of your posts each time. 

Lastly, stay relevant with your followers, if something is going on where you are not able to be active for a few days. LET THEM KNOW. The more personal the better.

NICHE DOWN. I know you are wondering how you even say this but honey let me tell you, I don’t even know just remember it means a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.  In simpler terms, pick a niche that would follow along with your page. EXAMPLE: Mom blogger. Your niche would be other mom’s/parents. OR Foodie. Your niche would be other foodies or people in your community (specific age as well)

There’s some of the basics of social media management and some things that will help you PROGRESS with your page.

If you enjoyed my quick tips and would like to learn more, head on over to my Instagram page where I constantly update it with tips & tricks.